Berlin! short trip away

Day 1- waking up in Berlin, a quick croissant and coffee then straight off to see art Galleries, we went to the Gemaldegalerie and the Kunstgewerbemuseum. a Botticelli exhibition was on which was really interesting. Many renaissance works were there to see plus work that was made bassed on Botticelli's most famous art.


Evening- We then took the underground to go up Berlin's TV tower the Fernsehturm. For miles city lights and beautiful skyscraper buildings were to be seen. afterwards we made our way back on the train to go and have dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe. Quite small in Comparison to the Tenerife restaurant Ihave been to but still had the same vibrant feel with famous musicians guitars' and costumes hanging on the wall. My cocktail was really delicious; it was called 'Pickled Tink' and i'd highly recommend this one to anyone with a sweet tooth! My meal however wasn't as great, unfortunately my chicken was badly done and many bones had to be picked out which was quite disappointing.

Day 2 - after breakfast we headed off to the Checkpoint Charlie museum. we found it to be quite confusing and way too detailed as there was a vast amount of information yet no real overview or direction. It was quite chaotic and a place i wouldn't hesitate from discouraging berlin visitors from going.  Very hungry and looking for lunch, we walked to the Reichstag building. we wanted to go up and walk around the glass dome but the queue was long and lunch was becoming more in need. Upon arrival at the Gendarmenmarkt square, we found a lack of friendly looking restaurants so we decided to go round the corner to Mum's much anticipated Ritter sport chocolate shop. Weirdly enough, being chocolate specialists, my all day breakfast was done really well. In total we spent a good 4 or 5 hours in here as some christmas shopping and present buying had to be done.

Final Morning- 
Mum and I had breakfast watching what looked like a premier stage being set up which was rather