London Fashion Weekend 2016

The excitement arose queueing to go into the Saatchi Gallery, a great art gallery in itself, no better venue could host London Fashion Weekend. The entire place was decked out with interior to make the whole building look its best for 4 days of eager fashion enthusiasts. Minimal white surroundings, black text on the walls of shop brands, pictures of high fashion and ready to wear catwalk shows were seen as we entered the first room. Dozens of white roses standing tall, the entire place looked like we'd walked into a magazine, glossy pictures, clothes like no other and a general sense of excitement, so perfect for fans of anything and everything fashion. The actual atmosphere was a buzz of anticipation as like me it was most likely a lot of people's first fashion event they'd been too. The kind of atmosphere only exciting things could happen in. Before we went in we collected the beautifully designed tote bags that came with our tickets designed by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. They were black with a juxtaposing white geometric and floral print. a bag I will gladly keep and use over and over.

The sunglass hut had a stand with all the high end glasses and sunglasses you can think of and more. They had this great little photobooth where you could try on glasses and have pictures taken of you and your friends. This was so unexpected but a very fun addition to the event.

We couldn't resist a photo in front of the sign, it just had to be done!

If you go to the jewellery department of lfwend, do expect to spend obscene amounts in there. It's rather dangerous for one's' bank account. I can hand on heart say I've never seen jewellry as beautifully crafted as the items I saw on that day. Filled with smaller designer jewellry businesses, the creativity, the level of design skills were just astonishing. I could have literally spent my entire day looking at everything in there. On my incredibly tight budget of strictly nothing, I did end up purchasing these gorgeous earrings designed to imitate shards of glass. Their delicate yet bold style was why I broke my no spending promise. The brand is called Wolf & Moon and their geometric pieces were to just die for to be perfectly honest. I loved every piece. you could wear nothing but jeans and a plain white t and instantly look dressed up wearing their earrings or especially a necklace.

The first trend catwalk show commences with an introduction by Laura Jackson, a tv presenter who I didn't clock on at first but is the presenter for my guilty pleasure tv show, Take Me Out - The Gossip. I will entirely blame that for my bad eyesight so admittedly, whilst sat at the back I did have to spend most of the introduction remembering the various places I recognised her from then trying to figure out if it genuinely was her that I, from time to time, see on my TV. It's always very confusing seeing someone you see on tv in front of you, a living breathing person. She was wearing a black dress to present the trend show which was a perfect dress to start the show as funnily enough it was actually one of the looks I liked best even though it had nothing to do with the shows!

This show featured  a collection of looks and trends of Spring/Summer 16 seen throughout London Fashion Week last september in various  RTW catwalks. It exhibited expectant trends  from all different designers and included this year's summer fashion and what we can expect to see in the next few months. Starting with 'Beautiful Botanicals', a prominent theme of elegant florals frequently showcased in the London ss16 shows, something spring shows wouldn't be spring shows without. Following this was 'americana' which included pieces of red, white and blue, stripes and stars and what it says on the tin. Next was the vibrant, colourful and all round fun trend of Pop art and finally rounding off with a 'New Romance' trend, femininity, elegance and grace was what this trend was about. Gentle Pastels taking on frills and ruffles, beautiful is an understatement for what I saw in this section of the show. Once the catwalk was finished, an eagerness for summer to begin was how I felt, and an excited anticipation to spot the trends I saw in the coming season.

 Both of these dresses below are just beautiful. On the left, a clean cut, marble effect dress, slightly pleated with such a sophisticated looking pattern and on the right, a vibrant pattern of nautical imagery and themes, gold anchors, sailors ropes, these RTW dresses are so unique and definitely say london fashion week.

Definitely a favorite of mine from the trend catwalk - I can't live without denim, and this dress is unbelievably cute. Such a simple design, I absolutely love it!

Straight after the trend catwalk show we only went and met Henry Holland! Gettting to LFWend at just the right time and heading through the different rooms, discovering the Sunglass Hut department exactly when we did, we hit pot luck as by a simple tweet of the pictures we took in their Sunglass Hut photobooth, we were two of only 20 who got to have signed Henry Holland Glasses cases. I don't think I could've thought of a better freebie and souvenir to remember the day. This was the first time I'd really met anyone famous or any kind of celebrity let alone in the fashion world so it's safe to say he probably now thinks I'm an odd shrieking, over excited ball of energy and is most likely glad to know he will never see me again. Smiles wide enough to reach each end of the room, we skipped off to try and compose our hyper excited fan girl selves, to have another look at all the gorgeous designer clothes that surrounded us, only to further our excitement by spotting Vivienne Westwood and so on, on the rails near by.

The second show we saw which was the Designer catwalk, by Emilia Wickstead. She is a british based designer who's designs feature sleek finishes and beautifully bold patterns. I wasn't actually familiar with her designs before the show but come London Fashion Week in September, I'll definitely look out for her show! The pieces we saw were Wickstead's Spring/Summer show for 2016. To see a designers work in person as opposed to in pictures or even in video was something I didn't appreciate until going to LFWend. It's like the difference between listening to your favourite band through your headphones on the bus compared to seeing them live in concert with the crowd, the stage and them. The two experiences are just entirely different. For this show, my definite favourites were her pieces with a unique shape and cut and the purple and yellow prints. although opposing colours, it worked strangely well and I'm not one for usually enjoying the clash of colours yet this show pleasantly surprised me! after looking at more of her designs from the most recent show just this February, I've come to love her style of pattern use and her individual style in terms of shape.