A Love For The Dark Lip

From the deepest berry's to the darkest of violets, these colour lips are my favorite. Nothing makes me feel more confident than a really deep dark lipstick and heels. The days when I have the combination of the two are most definately days that are bound to be good. When I first started wearing lipsticks I never really opted for the natural colours, I just sort of went for pinky reds and then went drastically darker from there. It's not quite the normal thing to do when you're a newbie in the whole lipstick area but I guess jumping head first into a purply pool of colour was the thing that I felt was right. I've not quite gone any darker than a deep plum colour but I would really love to try an almost black just to see if I could make it work.

I love pairing these colours with minimal eye makeup. Well, I say minimal but that really means when i've not put eyeshadow on. I think these colours go so well with Tease in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I know thats so specific but this colour isn't too much but if I want more of a 'i'm going out tonight' look then this eyeshadow colour does the job nicely.

All of these Lipsticks I use with my Topshop Lip liner in their deepest berry shade. I find using a lip liner isn't essential for ones such as the Rimmel London 107 one because it leaves a lovely mattified finish and doesn't actually manage to make its way round the whole of my mouth like the Revlon ones do and for those I would recommend using a lip liner as a sort of barrier as they have a tendency to shift around making me look slightly clown like. However colour and finish wise, the Revlon lipsticks do leave such a brilliantly dark shade, the black cherry 447 being best for pigment.

The kate Moss 107 Lipstick isn't anything new but I do love it so much for the times I want a redder lip and also because it leaves a slightly matte finish which is nice for times that the weather has perked up and my hairs flying in all different directions because my mouth doesn't suddenly become a magnet that my hair will happily cling to. The Bare Minerals Lipstick is the highest one for price i've mentioned but well worth it given the unique case involving a little button that slides up to release the lid and the amazingly good stay it has. I can go breakfast, lunch, dinner, maybe even jogging with this on and it won't budge! It's the glossiest of lipsticks but well worth it if you're thinking of purchasing a Bare Minerals lipstick. This one I have was given to me by my lovely friends for a christmas present. It's one I will be holding on to through the late winter months and probably dragging with me through months even after that because dark lips are so great for a bold look.

These colours are:
1) Kate Moss Rimmel London in 107
2)Revlon in Black Cherry 447
3)Revlon in Va va Violet 663
4)Topshop in Inhibition
5) Bare Minerals in Marvelous Moxie - Lead the Way

How willing bold are you willing to go with your lipstick?

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