First beauty post!

After a a few new purchases, I thought it's about time I re-start this blog for about the millionth time. This time round I've decided to venture into blogging about makeup and the rapidly increasing collection I'm beginning to own which I'm sure is due to some sort of addiction.
Being in need of a new foundation, I stopped at Bare Minerals to try their foundation out which, to be honest, was a completely random decision as I walked into the makeup department, The Bare Minerals lady recommended a loose foundation in fairly light which is something i've never tried before because i've always felt safest sticking to liquids so I'm looking forward to trying this out.
My second buy was the Urban Decay pencil eyeliner in Perversion which is a repurchase from a birthday present i received last year. I really loved this product as it gives such an intense black and stays so well, it didn't even budge when I tried to take a failed swatch-on-the-back-of-my-hand picture and attempted to rub it off.  The texture that it leaves is so smooth and just glides along as you use it and is so perfect for a really black eyeliner.

Have you tried a bareminerals foundation and how did you find it?!

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