2015 Favourites

Crochet - This year I really got into crocheting, it started in the beginning of the year when I discovered it for my college sketchbook, then over the summer I was making little toys like this with patterns I found online. It's such a great feeling to have the completed toy sitting in front of you knowing you made it yourself! The types of things I mostly made were bunnies, elephants and summer tops. I'd love to make more but there are never enough hours in the day. 

Perfume - I have always loved this perfume. It first came out years ago and I have loved it ever since, 2015 was no different! I wore it a lot, I'm not the biggest perfume fan because I'm so ridiculously fussy with perfumes. This one is very sweet and feminine, I'm never good with perfumes that don't fit that specific category! I pretty much use about 2 perfumes only and this is my main one! I don't think it'll ever not be a favourite.

 Makeup!- I bought this foundation when I discovered that there was a Space NK near me which I got very excited about as I thought there wasn't any place I could Nars makeup from within a 2 hour radius! I can't wait to be able to get into the Nars brand this Year!

Bath and Shower - This brand has become one of my shower favorites, the shower foaming mousse is probably my favorite shower product I've discovered this year, I have to alternate between shower products otherwise it would be used up in no time! The whole Sanctuary brand is becoming a favourite of mine as the bath products are also as amazing, they're so soothing, smell so fresh and feel very luxurious.


Primers - This eyeshadow primer has definitely been a good favorite of mine, I can't do my makeup without it, unless I want my eyeshadow fall off my face after about 20 minutes. It does exactly what it says on the bottle, it's a great base for applying colour and its definitely long lasting! I'd say it could probably last a good 12-18 hours, great for a day at work then a night out!

My beloved Zara Trench! 

Naked Smoky - I fell in love with this palette the second I saw it, I even signed up to on be called when it was in store in my local Debhenams, I went out and got it that day. I love doing a smokey eye, even in the day. The first 3 shades are my favourite, they're glittery and so pigmented, I carried this palette around with me like it was my phone or keys! It most definitely a 2015 favourite.

Berlin Ritter Sport Bag - when I went to Berlin with my mum I got this bag for something like 5 or 6 euros. I'm not usually a fan of merchandise type things but I just thought this was so cute and so different. The amount of compliments I've had on it since Berlin is unbelievable, best 5 euros I've spent the whole year!

2015 was a very up and down year, it's been at times awful but at times incredible. I'm not sure what 2016 will hold but I'm hoping for great memories and it'll be really interesting to see what's the same and what's not this time next year.

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