A Somewhat Mascara Primer Review - Dior

This is a beautiful product, one that makes my makeup collection just look completely beautiful and sleek. I don't have anything else in my makeup collection that white and silver and I don't understand why! It's such a lovely looking product, it makes me wish more brands used this colour scheme. This is my first mascara primer I've purchased, I'd heard about it and never knew this type of product even existed so I thought I'd give it a try to see how it works or if it even does. I guess this is where I like to gamble, obviously Dior is high end and I'd never bought one of these but for some reason the next time I found myself walking past the counter after payday, I just bought it. I don't see myself as someone who will take too many chances but as a self confessed makeup addict, I just can't say no to these things! 

If you're looking for something to make a regular mascara look great or a even a great mascara finish better, this is something I'd recommend. I use Benefit's 'they're real' mascara and my favourite  Clinique mascara. I have very short lashes and mascara was probably my first ever 'proper' piece of makeup. I've always looked for ways to find great mascaras so hearing about this sounded very intriguing. After applying this, it makes a white (or clear as it dries) layer on top of my lashes, evening them out and giving their first layer of length and volume. This leaves you with white lashes which makes you look like some sort of snowed out, acrylic painted thing, a bit odd looking! Applying mascara after this is very quick and easy and only uses half the amount usually needed. 
Although great, it's not amazingly good if you're really forgetful, as I have left the house on multiple occasions looking like I've been caught in some kind of snowstorm because I'll usually leave the primer to dry, do something else then forget to do the black mascara! I'm constantly coming home to the shock and horror at what I've let myself leave the house like and I'm forever asking my friends why they've not noticed! I love this product but it does sometimes leave me in horror, then again that's through no fault of my own.

Also, my adorable mug is from Urban Outfitters and I love it, I very much do wish I was a cat most of the time. Cats are great they never argue, or disappoint you. They never have to worry about exams or society, they just live and sleep, it's fabulous.

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